Specialist Engineers

At Yamaha we conduct our Yamalube development with teams of engineers and technicians specialising in mechanical engineering as well as chemistry, the same engineers developing the engines.
This unique approach was born of Yamaha’s decades of oil R&D since the 1960s and is the bedrock of our belief that engine oil is a vital component of the engine. The people that understand the engine best should also be the ones creating the oil it will use.

Yamaha Blended

Engine oil is composed of a base oil which is the blend’s main ingredient. Chemical additives are then used for fine-tuning the oil’s properties such as viscosity and detergency.
The type and amount of chemical additives have been developed and refined by Yamaha over the past 50 years.
No part of this development process is outsourced to other oil companies. The process for creating each blend of Yamalube, from mineral oil to full-synthetic, begins and ends at Yamaha.


Development begins by compiling data to set the performance level required of the oil. This data includes an almost countless number of indexes, from viscosity, abrasion resistance, and oxidation prevention to oxidative degradation, detergency, and corrosion inhibition.
From this data, we set very clear performance figures for the oil refinery to meet or exceed.


Today, the performance of an oil can be gauged by simply examining its specifications based on our wealth of data, but a new oil may be subjected to testing to decide its final specification.
The process is not limited to the engine bench workshop either. Yamaha’s development ideal prioritises the feeling of being one with the machine and numerous track tests are run to ensure the end-user can feel the performance Yamalube provides.


Once a prospective oil has cleared all international standards as well as our stricter in-house standards, Yamaha’s Oil SIG (Special Interest Group) may approve the oil for use or go a step further and once again examine the compatibility and performance of the oil before final approval.
This organisation gathers engineers from all relevant departments, from engine design to parts and service, and represents the final box to tick in the process for commercialising any Yamalube oil.

Special Interest Group

The Oil SIG sets our in-house standards and only approves oils deemed worthy of carrying the Yamaha name, meaning a SIG-approved oil has a stamp of approval directly from Yamaha Motor headquarters in Japan.
The Oil SIG as a body essentially guarantees the performance of all Yamaha oils produced worldwide.

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